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About Us

“Your Compliance is Our Goal”

What does this mean to you, the client? It means that Compliance Technologies will provide expert services in environmental, health, and safety to rapidly meet our customer’s specific needs in order for them to adhere to regulatory requirements. It means that we intend to provide these services over the long term in a beneficial relationship, to clients large or small, and to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Compliance Technologies will provide high-quality services through capable and qualified personnel, whose background experience includes regulatory agencies, consulting firms, hazardous waste treatment facilities, transportation companies, and other private industry. Our personnel, individually and as a team, will solve your compliance problems and provide you with the tools to keep you in compliance.

Company History

Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI) was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 1990 by the current principal, Stephen Kovatch, who immediately set about establishing services couched in his respective background from the hazardous waste treatment industry: regulatory compliance and remediation. Thirty-three clients were established in CTI’s first year of operation.

The company’s initial focus centered on customer waste management services, including waste evaluations, transportation, and disposal. A natural addition to these services included waste program audits, contingency plan preparation, site inspections, employee training in RCRA and DOT, and drum storage maintenance and closures.

The rapid growth in services allowed for additional employees with various backgrounds to come on board, including geologists and chemists. The very first additional position filled, however, was Customer Service Representative.

As the years progressed, the backgrounds of personnel grew more varied, as did their years of experience. Today, members of CTI’s technical staff can be assigned to projects as specialists in each of the prime environmental media sectors of air, water, hazardous materials handling and waste. In some cases, project teams can be assembled to create innovative solutions to program-sized issues. Whatever the client’s need, from short-term projects to complete, In-Plant Service outsourcing, CTI has always grown to meet the demand.

Finally, recalling those original 33 clients, of which some were one-time projects and some being no longer in business, 17 remain as loyal clients in today. Compliance Technologies is very proud of those clients, who have worked hard to stay in concert with the ever-changing regulations. We are equally proud to have served them since 1990.