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The 10 Most-Expensive Non-Fatal Workplace Injuries

Safety is important to your employees, their families, and yourself. It is also critical to your bottom line! Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index ranks the top 10 causes of disabling workplace injuries by cost. According to the 2017 index, non-fatal injuries (minimum 6 days away from work) in the U.S. cost businesses $60 billion dollars per year in direct worker’s compensation costs. The top 10 below account for about 83% of that total. That is almost $50 billion dollars!


The number one rule in my home is “keep yourself safe”. If you want to evaluate your risk to workplace injury in your plant, give us a call to schedule a safety assessment. If you need us to dig deeper and evaluate your safety programs, a safety audit will be the way to go. Help us help you keep yourself (and your human capital) safe! Contact us with any questions!

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