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Why Use Compliance Technologies?

Clients use Compliance Technologies’ services for a multitude of reasons, with the ultimate being the need to limit liability with regulatory authorities, i.e. EPA and OSHA. Findings of non-compliance with air, water, waste, and safety rules can be very costly, both monetarily and in personnel time and production costs. Non-compliance impairs your company’s ability to schedule EHS activities at your own pace, and the tasks to regain compliance are frequently dictated by the governing agency as well. Cost control is lost. Reputations become tarnished.

Thus, the need to identify potential problems and then solve them before an agency inspection occurs is simply good business. Compliance Technologies provides wide-ranging services to its clients regarding areas of non-compliance, and then we work with the client to resolve the problem while control over time and expense remains in-house. Of course, if control of compliance has already been lost, we assist the client in working with the regulatory authority to get you back in compliance as quickly as possible, using cost-effective and compliant methods.

Use Compliance Technologies’ services for the following reasons:

  • Proven services since 1990
  • Services provided throughout the Midwest
  • Qualified, experienced personnel
  • Continuous education maintained by all personnel
  • Services tailored to the clients’ specific needs
  • Large and small clients served with equal respect
  • Rapid attention to your needs
  • Competitive professional rates
  • Long-term associations with our clients
  • Strict confidentiality
  • We strive for your most practical position within the regulations
  • Professional and pollution liability insurance through Armada Risk Partners