Newsletter – Volume 2 Issue 3

Case Study


It is that time of year again when people resolve to make improvements in their lives. Often the improvements are health related: increased exercise, dieting, or quitting smoking. Sometimes, the improvements are financial: getting out of debt or improving ones’ organization with money. These are all great goals, and the one thing that stops people from achieving them is a lack of planning. The thought of actually finding the time to exercise 3 to 5 times a week, taking a hard look at your bills and setting up a budget, or facing the boxes of papers that should be properly filed is just too overwhelming. The final thought: “Well, there is always next year; I’ll do it then for sure.”

Does the same resolution process occur in the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) practice of your business? Is sitting down and thinking about all the known (and possibly unknown) EHS issues facing your company just overwhelming? Where to start, what must be learned, what is required, what is the best plan of action, how much will any or all of it cost? These are all tough questions. Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI) can assist you with answering these questions and help you to make your resolution to be EHS compliant a reality. Let’s have a look.

Doing it yourself (also known as DIY) is very appealing when starting something new. The self-help media available to begin a DIY project are numerous. Exercise DVDs, workbooks on finances, and numerous office/home-organizing kits are tools available to begin and complete projects yourself. Professionals such as personal trainers at a gym, a financial advisor for money management, and organizing services for home or office are also available to help those not comfortable or able with trying things on their own. In a very similar manner, CTI supplies its clients with consulting services and compliance tools, some of which are available at no charge through CTI’s newsletters and website. More importantly, CTI’s experienced staff is available to fully handle EHS compliance issues on your behalf, removing the problems of a learning curve, finding the time to do it, and doing something incompletely or incorrectly.

Being proactive allows you to set the pace for your programs. It’s too late once you have an inspection and receive a notice of violation (NOV). Establishing a compliance budget is out of your control; you are on the agency’s schedule. Findings of non-compliance with air, water, waste, and personal safety rules are usually very costly, both monetarily and in personnel time and production costs. You will be told what to do, when to do it, and the cost will not matter.

So, your resolution to identify potential EHS problems and resolve them before agency involvement occurs is simply good business. If you choose the DIY or the outsource track, Compliance Technologies can provide the services to resolve the problem while control over time and expense remains in-house. Of course, if your resolution for compliance has already foundered, we can assist in working with the regulatory authorities to get you back in compliance as quickly as possible, using cost-effective and compliant methods.

Finally, whether your resolution is business or personal, have a plan or the help in place so that you can achieve your New Year’s goals for 2007.


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