How does your Waste Management Plan measure up? Use our checklist below to score your plan and find gaps that may be discovered by an EPA audit.

Please note: This checklist assumes that you are a Large Quantity Generator and generate more than 2200 pounds of hazardous waste in any month during the year. If you are a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) or Conditionally Exempt SQG (will be Very Small Quantity Generator with regulation updates), your requirements are fewer.

Check each item below which you know you have fully prepared. There are a few “Best Management Practices” (notated as *BMP) in the list that are not required per the regulation but found in superb waste management plans.

Check the box if you have:


How did you do? What did you leave unchecked?

Remember to schedule your RCRA refresher training (due at least every 3 years). With the numerous changes to RCRA which will be implemented as early as May 20, 2017, retraining this year is highly recommended.

You now know the areas of weakness in your Waste Management Program. This gives you a good idea about how your company’s Waste Management Plan stacks up and your readiness for an EPA inspection.

If you need some help starting a Plan from scratch, it takes some work to complete a good one, or if you need help updating your current Waste Management Plan, please contact us at 216.341.1800. CTI can help with RCRA refresher training too!