Recent surveys have shown:

  • By the age of 21, most American Millennials have spent 6000 to 9000 hours playing video games and less than 2000 hours reading books. (need to rethink your training techniques??)
  • Of the respondents to a 2018 United Academy survey, only 53% of the firms trained temporary workers and only 41% offered training to outside contractors (despite the fact that the risk of injury is more than double for temporary workers as it is for permanent employees – and uneducated, “walking zombies” are of little use in a productive operation!)
  • Of 42 recent cases of injuries to temporary workers that were investigated by OSHA, the employer and the temp agency were both held responsible and both were cited…but the penalties to the host employer were consistently larger than those to the staffing agency. Example: Ohio Automaker cited for 57 violations with penalties totaling more than $3.4 million. (Now there’s some really spooky numbers!!)
  • Only 52% of safety professionals responding felt confident that their training was, at least, adequate enough to be in-compliance with applicable OSHA regulations
  • While 97% of Upper Management respondents stated that the driver for conducting worker safety training was to reduce injuries and illnesses, 79% confidentially admitted to sometimes “putting off training” due to heavy production schedules, logistics, costs or other factors. (It’s risky to put off training “until the spirit moves you”!)
  • Not providing timely training or not documenting it properly can lead to a “willful” violation with a $129,336 penalty, or even criminal prosecution (so give yourself a “ghost of a chance” by completing the required training for your employees now!)

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