The Department of Transportation is working with Transport Canada (TC) on TC’s 3-year sandbox electronic shipping papers program. During this time, various applications and devices will be used to replace the paper shipping documents required to travel with hazardous waste in transit. “Sandbox” is a term used to describe a safe space to experiment in a controlled environment outside of the scrutiny of current regulations. In the case of TC, a sample of companies will use various devices and applications to test digital shipping paper options. Currently, e-manifests are required in the U.S. but physical shipping papers must still travel with hazardous waste in transit for emergency responders. The E-manifest program’s goal is to modernize the nation’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable time, resources, and dollars for industry and states. We look forward to these upcoming innovations as the management of Hazardous Waste is still an important factor to consider when changing, adding, or terminating a manufacturing process.