A metal treatment company operates multiple facilities on sites across northern Ohio.


One of these sites has encountered environmental issues with waste from their operations having contaminated the surroundings. While the company has since begun using less wasteful techniques, there has been an ongoing conflict with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) due to waste mismanagement from previous years contaminating groundwater and soil in the area. The company wants to know what their options are in remediating the contamination and dealing with the OEPA.


With a cleanup project that has gone on for so long, adjusting to new, stricter guidelines from the OEPA is a major concern. How can a company keep up with running its business while conforming to ever-changing guidelines from the OEPA? Cost also becomes a major concern for a long-term project like this one. What are the ways that the remediation and monitoring programs can be done efficiently and cost-effectively?


With years of experience in dealing with the OEPA, CTI began negotiating to create a plan that is fair to both the client and OEPA. Furthermore, using their vast network, CTI contracted a specialty chemist to create the perfect injection chemicals to clean up the site-specific contamination in the groundwater.


CTI’s negotiations with the OEPA resulted in an acceptable remediation plan and in the creation of a workable budget limit for the client. This plan allowed the client to limit their overall spending per year on the project, as long as significant progress was being made. This plan was agreed upon because CTI was able to prove the groundwater was not creating undue risk to the people in nearby residential areas. To deal with the remediation CTI organized the injection of proprietary chemicals and microbes which would clean up the contamination in the groundwater. The injections have proved very successful in reducing the targeted contaminants and are significantly more cost-effective than other remediation options.
Overall, CTI has been able to lessen the potential cost to the client of complying with OEPA’s goals to clean up this site by showing that they are making real cost-effective progress on the site remediation. CTI has also ensured the client has been able to operate without being overburdened by the ever-changing guidelines of the OEPA. Compliance Technologies, Inc. understands the complexities behind compliance so our clients can focus on running their businesses.