Compliance Technologies will provide expert services in environmental, health, and safety to rapidly meet our customer’s specific needs in order for them to adhere to regulatory requirements. It means that we intend to provide these services over the long term in a beneficial relationship, to clients large or small, and to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Compliance Technologies will provide high-quality services through capable and qualified personnel, whose background experience includes regulatory agencies, consulting firms, hazardous waste treatment facilities, transportation companies, and other private industry. Our personnel, individually and as a team, will solve your compliance problems and provide you with the tools to keep you in compliance.

Why Choose Us?

Clients use Compliance Technologies’ services for a multitude of reasons, with the ultimate being the need to limit liability with regulatory authorities, i.e. EPA and OSHA. Findings of non-compliance with air, water, waste, and safety rules can be very costly, both monetarily and in personnel time and production costs. Non-compliance impairs your company’s ability to schedule EHS activities at your own pace, and the tasks to regain compliance are frequently dictated by the governing agency as well. Cost control is lost. Reputations become tarnished.

Thus, the need to identify potential problems and then solve them before an agency inspection occurs is simply good business. Compliance Technologies provides wide-ranging services to its clients regarding areas of non-compliance, and then we work with the client to resolve the problem while control over time and expense remains in-house. Of course, if control of compliance has already been lost, we assist the client in working with the regulatory authority to get you back in compliance as quickly as possible, using cost-effective and compliant methods.

I had been struggling with an EPA water issue for 10 years on some commercial property. Steve and the folks at CTI reviewed my documentation and worked closely with my attorney. At every stage, their entire team was professional and patient. A member of their firm even made a trip from Ohio to the North Carolina site to oversee remedial activities. I am forever grateful to CTI and their superb team for all their help and support.


I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that your services were greatly appreciated. You showed great knowledge and answered all questions put forth in the DOT, IATA and IMDG classes that you conducted for us. You were very flexible with dates and times as well as adjusting your schedule to allow associates to attend classes as their work schedule allowed. I will be recommending you for future trainings within our company. I really appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in the future.


We hired CTI for a compliance checkup and found we have a scope of items to work on. The team was professional and knowledgeable. We are now moving towards compliance. We would recommend CTI to our clients and partners.

Red Seal Electric

I called Steve Kovatch for Asbestos and Mold testing because I knew him and trusted him with my company project. CTI brought knowledge and professionalism to my project, which made me look great! I will continue to recommend CTI, as they are the best in Northeast Ohio! I have worked with other companies, but CTI has proven themselves time and again.

C. Scaravelli
“Thank you and Compliance Technologies for the evaluation of air quality and dust analysis. The qualitative evaluation of the dust was exactly what we were looking to achieve in addition to the amount of dust in the air. I sincerely appreciate your quick response to my inquiry, the simple execution of a contract, the pleasant interaction during the testing and the thorough evaluation of the results. Your work was professional but demonstrated your personal interest in fulfilling the customer’s needs. Overall I consider this an excellent job. Please accept my many thanks.”
R. Mott

The Ohio Utilities Protection Service the Call Before You Dig for the state of Ohio would like to thank you and the team at Compliance Technologies Inc. for providing exceptional service.
In 2013 and again in 2015 OUPS partnered with CTI to complete 2 Phase I environmental site assessments and one Phase II Geotechnical study and report on two different proposed building sites for a new State Wide On Call Center. The purpose of the center is to protect Ohio’s underground infrastructure from damages due to excavation, Excavators, and the
Public at large from injury or loss of life due to an excavation accident.
CTI has to rate as one of the best vendors OUPS has ever had the opportunity to partner with. They assumed ownership of the projects from start to finish and the reports produced by the studies were second to none. In 2013 the key factors for choosing CTI to work with was there in depth knowledge, dedication to our needs, and requirements, as well as their ability to provide OUPS with a solution within the means of our budget. We learned during the 2013 project to appreciate the high level of service CTI repeatedly provided and therefore it made our decision to use CTI for another Phase I environmental site assessment in 2015 a very easy one. And once again the level of service and rapid project completion exceeded our expectations.
Thanks to you Steve and your entire staff for a job well done!

John W. Novak

Your Compliance Team

The Compliance Technologies team consists of a team of proven environmental scientists, engineers, and state-certified specialists whose years of experience can provide your company with wide-ranging and cost-effective services to help you deal with layers of regulations governing your business activities today.

Company personnel possess specialties in the media of air and water quality, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, site remediation, employee training, property transactions, health and safety, asbestos, and project management. Our wealth of experience in all of these areas is what makes CTI the right choice to manage your company’s risks.

Stephen J. Kovatch
Stephen J. KovatchPresident
Glenn Miller
Glenn MillerSenior Project Manager
Samantha Slone
Samantha SloneBusiness Manager
Annette Scavone
Annette ScavoneSenior EHS Consultant
Rudolph A. Zupan
Rudolph A. ZupanSenior Environmental Scientist
Richard Prober
Richard ProberSenior Environmental Engineer
Brian E. Hitt
Brian E. HittSenior Safety Engineer
Marta P. Nelson
Marta P. NelsonEnvironmental Scientist