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Annette Scavone

Annette M. Scavone is a Senior EHS Consultant with Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI), a professional environmental, health, and safety services company serving the Midwest. She received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1981.

Ms. Scavone has been involved in a full spectrum of environmental, health, and safety projects covering most aspects of manufacturing and industrial situations. Her greatest strength is her ability to look at facilities and processes with fresh eyes, questioning existing procedures to determine whether alternative methods might be employed and if all contingencies have been considered. In a world where sustainability and continuous improvement are becoming the norm, Ms. Scavone views everything as an opportunity to change – or to manage in the safest and best possible manner, with a goal toward elimination.

Ms. Scavone brings a background of quality control along with her extensive environmental, health, and safety experience. While working with Eveready Battery (now Energizer) as rules and regulations were being crafted, there were few in-plant programs for safety, and none for environmental management. As their first Environmental Coordinator, she interpreted regulations as they were encountered, creating documentation and training for material handling and storage, hazardous waste disposal, air quality monitoring and inhalation hazard mitigation, spill prevention and control, air and water permitting, and employee and community well-being. She improved existing safety programs, rewrote Job Safety Analyses, and easily integrated EHS into plant procedures. Ms. Scavone also worked alongside local government and safety services as they encountered the same unknowns of draft regulations and shifting limits, inserting a rational voice into an uncertain time.

Ms. Scavone has experience and knowledge in EPA, DOT, OSHA, and state as local regulations, staying current as assessment, handling, documentation, reporting, and training requirements have been updated and changed. She retains an affinity for quality assurance and believes that it is an integral segment of EHS and sustainability. She has most recently trained in ASTM Phase I Site Assessment, DOT/IATA/IMDG transportation regulations, various OSHA 1910 job site classes, and Process Safety Management. Peripherally related, Ms. Scavone was drawn to and obtained a Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree from Trinity College of Natural Health as part of her holistic approach.



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