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Rudolph A. Zupan

Rudolph A. Zupan is a Senior Environmental Scientist with Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI), a professional environmental services company serving the Midwest. He received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from Cleveland State University in 1978.

Mr. Zupan provides a broad range of technical consulting services and project management related to environmental, health, and safety programs within the air, waste, and wastewater areas. Mr. Zupan assists clients with compliance issues, EHS assessments, audits, RCRA/DOT/OSHA training, and plan development / implementation. He has an especially-strong skill in the research and writing of air pollution permits of all levels, including basic local and state permits through the technically-difficult Title V level permits, and he has been successful in negotiating favorable permit terms for large industrial clients in several states.

Mr. Zupan brings 30 years of experience to Compliance Technologies’ clients. Prior to joining the company, he served eight years with URS-Greiner-Woodward Clyde as a staff consultant. He specialized is air quality assessments, hazardous waste management programs, in-plant services, and gained considerable experience in process and work practice modifications to ensure cost-effective environmental compliance.

Mr. Zupan’s experience includes private-industry EHS management for three years at a lead smelting / recycling facility where he was responsible for development and management of the facility’s EPA and OSHA programs to include environmental permitting, hazardous waste management, pollution prevention, OSHA lead standard compliance, and OSHA / EPA employee training.

His entry into the EHS field occurred with the OEPA Cleveland Local Air Pollution Office, where he evaluated, inspected, and permitted a wide variety of air pollution sources as a Staff Engineer.

Mr. Zupan maintains his knowledge by attendance at relevant courses and seminars, such as the Phase I All Appropriate Inquiry Seminar, Detroit, 2005, U.S. EPA’s Environmental Symposium, Cincinnati, 2001; Ohio EPA Title V Permit Program Seminar, Cleveland, 1995; Fundamentals of Project Management, Chicago, 1995; Environmental Site Assessment Process, University of Findlay, 1994; Air Emissions Management Systems, Baton Rouge, 1994; Hazardous Waste Health and Safety Operations, San Diego, 1989.



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